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At BikeHub Company, we truly share your passion for cycling and do our best to make your experience on two wheels one of a kind. Our company is not just a service, it is a team of enthusiasts who are ready to enrich your life with new adventures and the pleasure of cycling.

What are we doing:

Why BikeHub Company?

Expert Knowledge:

Expert Knowledge: Our team are professionals with a deep understanding of the world of cycling. We can advise you on the right choice and answer all your questions.

Love for Details:

We pay attention to every detail, whether it's the selection of a bike or a repair. We strive for excellence in every aspect.

Your Pleasure:

Ultimately, our goal is to make your cycling experience memorable and rewarding. We are ready to support you on every journey.

Bicycle Sales: Variety for Every Cyclist!

BikeHub Company prides itself on stocking our shelves with a variety of bikes from the world's best manufacturers. We strive to meet the needs and preferences of every cyclist, regardless of experience or riding style.

What do we offer:

Our advantages:

Extensive Range:

We pride ourselves on our variety of models, allowing everyone to find their perfect fit.

Quality Guaranteed:

We only work with top manufacturers to bring you bikes of the highest quality and durability.

Expert Advice:

Our experts will help you choose the bike that's perfect for your needs and riding style.

Bicycle Rental: Open New Horizons Without a Purchase!

BikeHub Company is pleased to offer you the opportunity to try a variety of styles and types of bikes through our convenient rental service. Whether you want to conquer the streets of the city, ride the nature trails or experience the adrenaline of the mountain slopes - we have the perfect bike for every adventure.

What do we offer:

Our advantages:

Flexible Rental Options:

Choose a bike for hours, days or even weeks - we're ready to adapt to your schedule.

Expert Support:

Our experts will help you choose the bike that best suits your goals and fitness level.

Quality Guaranteed:

Each bike is carefully checked before rental to ensure safety and comfort.

Repair and service:

Regular Maintenance: Keep your bike in top condition with our regular maintenance. We will check all components, make adjustments and replace worn parts.

Repair On Demand: If your bike needs to be repaired, our mechanics will quickly and professionally complete the necessary work. We handle everything from tire changes to complex repairs.

Component Customization: We can customize the bike to your preference, fitness level and riding style. Personalize your bike for maximum enjoyment.


Visit us at BikeHub Company and discover the world of bicycles!

Sale, rental and repair - everything you need for fun and comfortable bike rides.



Thank you very much to the BikeHub team for the quick and high-quality repair of my bike! I just couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, but the mechanics quickly identified the problem and fixed it!


Rented a bike from BikeHub over the weekend and absolutely loved it! The bike was in perfect condition, the mechanics set everything up and checked. I will definitely come back for more cycling adventures!


The bike repair came as a surprise to me when I discovered a flat tire on the day of an important ride. Thanks to the company, I got to work on time. I really appreciate the quick response! Thank you!

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